At present, the global zipper enterprises can be divided into four levels:Luxury market by the Swiss RIRI zipper monopoly, high-end market by Japan’s YKK occupies the leading position, the middle and high-end market has China’s representative enterprises, low-end market distributed in various countries, especially china’s small enterprises.

China is currently the world’s large zipper products manufacturing and exporting countries, the current domestic zipper production enterprises about 3000, the industry employed population of nearly a million people. This is mainly related to China’s global largeset clothing, luggage production and manufacturing countries, domestic downstream industry for zippers and other raw materials demand is very large, which from China’s zipper industrial layout can also be confirmed. China’s zipper enterprises are mainly located in the southeast coastal areas of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and textile and garment industry clusters closely linked.

Zipper industry still has a large space for development in the future, mainly based on: 1. traditional clothing, luggage manufacturing industry still maintained steady growth; 2. With clothing, luggage convenience, personalized trend, more emphasis on accessories function and accessories value, unit clothing bag products zipper use steadily increased; 3. in traditional clothing, Beyond the bag area, zippers penetrate more areas, such as functional uniforms, agricultural production equipment, and so on.