Don’t think fabric knowledge is only the fabric merchants get skills, for the women who often shop, small editors feel it is also necessary to understand, after all, different fabrics have their own twists and turns, but because of their existence, we can enjoy so many styles of various ready-to-wear! So, let’s take a deep dive into what makes velvet fabric different!


Velvet fluff is full, delicate in texture, soft in feel, comfortable to wear and beautiful. Elastic, not hairless, no ball, good water absorption performance, is three times the cotton products, and no skin irritation.

Velvet velvet or velvet ring tight towering, elegant color, fabric hard wear, not easy to fade, back elasticity good.

Velvet products require high grade, small line density, long length, good maturity of fine velvet high-quality cotton.

The delicate touch of velvet, the flowing plunger and the elegant luster are still incomparable to other fabrics, and have been the favorites of fashion designers.


Inadvertently stacked velvet clothing, very simple damage to the natural direction of fluff, it is difficult to recover, easy to have static electricity.

Because of the characteristics of the velvet itself, the surface is made up of small fluff, in the fabric production and processing process, there will be some small fluff particles on the clothes, which is inevitable. Generally in the previous few washing will be rinsed out, especially black, blue, carbon ash and other dark clothing will be particularly obvious.

In general, velvet fabrics still have more advantages than disadvantages, no wonder they are popular with designers and fashion circles.