Metal zippers are a type of zipper, which refers to the zipper’s teeth made of copper, white copper or aluminum, which is stronger than nylon zippers and resin zippers and is used more in jeans, jackets and backpacks.

Types of metal zippers
According to the size: #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, etc., the size of the zipper varies according to the size of the teeth. Because it is often used in jeans, jackets and backpacks, the zipper size is larger.
According to type:
Closed end zipper,
Open end zipper,
Double closed-end zipper,
double open-end zipper.
According to the teeth material: aluminum alloy, brass, white copper, zinc alloy, etc. The color of metal teeth is often plated as needed, such as aluminum teeth yellow, brass teeth white, black nickel, cyan copper, red bronze, gold and other colors.