First, resin zipper:
  Features: resin zipper texture tough, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, colorful color, the applicable temperature range is large. In addition, because of its chain teeth upper and lower plane area is large, it is conducive to its flat set diamonds or gemstones, so that the zipper more beautiful and expensive, doubled in value, become a practical craft decoration. Disadvantages: Due to the large chain tooth particles, there is a sense of coarseness, pull-up of light slip than the other categories of similar models (nylon zipper, metal zipper) zipper slightly worse (slightly inferior).
  Scope of application: thick fabric clothing, jackets (casual wear), ski shirts (cold jackets), down jackets, children’s clothing (jackets), work clothes, troop training clothes, armored hood bags and so on.
  Second, nylon zipper:
  Features: Nylon zipper soft, smooth surface, colorful color. The most prominent feature is light, thin chain teeth, and has winding. In addition, nylon zipper stake in high production efficiency, low raw material prices, so its production costs are low, in the sales price has a competitive advantage. In recent years, nylon zipper gold-plated, silver-plated has been widely used.
  Disadvantages: Polyester monofilament is easy to aging, the application of high and low temperature is narrow.
  Scope of application: nylon zipper is widely used in a variety of clothing and bags, especially underwear and fabricth thin high-end clothing, wherein the invisible zipper, double bone zipper is the best choice for women’s skirts, pants; Among them, invisible zipper, double bone zipper is the best choice for women’s skirts, pants. Weaving zipper because there is no center line and make the chain teeth thin, soft, will not make the door of the trouserarch arch, become the preferred product of high-end trousers.
  Third, metal zipper:
  Features: Durable, soft, elegant and solemn.
  Cons: Chain teeth are easier to shed and shift than other categories of zippers, because the raw material price is higher, so than other categories of zipper slower price. Among them, aluminum zipper and the same model of copper zipper, its strong performance is a little worse. However, after surface treatment, with imitation copper, multi-color decorative, because the price is lower than copper, its sales price has a certain competitive advantage.
  Scope of application: high-end jackets, leather clothing, ski shirts, down jackets, jeans, casual wear, cold clothing and so on.
 Four, zipper color:
  The tone of the zipper used in the garment is generally appropriate to choose the same or similar color as its fabric. This is harmonious and coordinated with the color of the main material, and has a whole-body decorative effect. Each zipper factory generally have homemade color card for customers to choose, we generally use “3C” color card, color card production unit is “China Hardware Products Association zipper branch”, is China Hardware Products Association zipper branch and Taiwan zipper industry trade union in order to adapt to the development of the zipper industry, the joint launch of the new century color card, its color label and number the same.
  The problems that zippers should pay attention to in practical use:
  Zipper is a certain strong performance of the auxiliary material, must use the method, which can extend the service life, otherwise easy to damage.
  1, pull the pull head when the force control: pull the zipper can not be too strong, such as hard pull or sudden force, etc. , will be because this force will often greatly exceed the load force allowed by the zipper, it may produce the part of the chain teeth off, a single chain tooth skewed and pull the back of the two pieces of the chain teeth do not fit, commonly known as the “broken stomach” phenomenon.
  2, zipper card failure treatment: pull the zipper, such as the phenomenon of resistance card, should pull the head back a certain distance, and then pull forward, remember not hard pull, hard pull will produce chain teeth skew and fall off.
  3, the correct use of the tube and socket.
  4, zipper in the appropriate state of washing.
  5, metal discoloration problem.
  6, the problem of dyeing.
  7, color transfer problem.