Zipper as a clothing accessory material, is one of the most common and common accessories in modern clothing. The application of zipper in clothing design with the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption concept is changing, people choose clothing from the past focus on practical change to the pursuit of fashion, fashion and novelty, more design elements to join today’s clothing more colorful.

How to choose zipper according to the requirements of clothing design needs to consider the compatibility with the main material of the garment, style and the characteristics of the zipper. There are several things you can consider:

(1) According to the strong size of the zipper;

(2) According to the zipper’s chain tooth material design, the texture of the chain teeth determines the shape of the zipper, especially the softness and feel, which will directly affect the compatibility of the zipper and clothing and the degree of aesthetics, such as plastic zipper sander ingress suited to the fabric thick clothing, nylon zipper light characteristics to meet the requirements of clothing fabric thin, Metal zipper slick, with denim clothing special match;

(3) According to the style of clothing to choose zippers, in the use of clothing design, a variety of different materials of zipper combined with clothing style, according to the fabric, structure, color of different to locate the choice. With a metal texture of closed tail or double-tailed zipper, mostly used for thick texture of denim and high-end fur clothing; open tail right insert or open tail left insert zipper more used in casual wear, sportswear design; The design of women’s pants, including some small dresses, make the appearance of the clothing profile and lines more concise, smooth;

(4) According to the color of clothing and decorative choice of zippers, taking into account the clothing design fabric and accessories in the color of the coordination, we need to choose the color of the fabric consistent with the zipper, so that the main material and accessories have a consistent effect. Sometimes in order to form a strong contrast effect, choose a color with greater difference.

The use of zippers as design elements in clothing

The contact between zippers and clothing begins with military uniforms. With the development of the times, zippers are more and more widely used in clothing. Globally, 90% of fashion designers pay more attention to the functionality of zippers at the same time, pay more attention to the fashion of zippers, so that they serve clothing design. Therefore, with the clothing design of the style, function, aesthetic diversity, with the matching zipper is also rich and colorful, all kinds of different.

1. Zipper’s line beauty

Line is one of the indispensable modeling elements in clothing modeling, zipper slingcancant can often be through the form of lines to express the clothing visual language in the most rich, most vivid, the most vivid part. Zippers enrich their use while building unique aesthetic features. The process of the formation of the zipper form is the manifestation of the law of formal beauty”, “point-moving into a line, line moving into a surface”.

The change of line has always been an important means of clothing style design. Because the structure of the zipper itself has a kind of rough, bold line visual characteristics, the design of the performance line using the zipper becomes the focus in the clothing design. Zipper can also be used in the right line of clothing, in order to emphasize the style of clothing, rich design language, the zipper used to the clothing split line, edge line position, such as provincial road, shoulder line, Yuk, etc. to strengthen the visual effects. Can also be used in the outer contour of clothing styling lines, clip lines, pocket decorative lines and so on.

2. The decorative beauty of the zipper

Zipper as decoration appeared in the fashion stage in the 1970s, in clothing can also play a certain role in decorative. Such as the use of exaggerated zippered chain teeth as a clothing surface split decorative elements. Some accessories also apply to the elements of the zipper. Generally to zipper as an element of the accessory of the preferred material will be fashion metal zipper, metal zipper not only has a unique luster, but also has the characteristics of soft and hard, can be suitable for different modeling needs.

Zippers of different colors and textures also create endless possibilities for design. Color design with zippers, such as using hard bronze metal zippers on denim fabrics, nostalgic metallic feel and denim fabric steaming is the most classic color combination. After a period of time, the most striking change in jeans is the use of zippers. Zipper sits with traditional buttons, which not only brings unprecedented convenience, but also brings a new look and feel to denim clothing.

3. Use zippers to make clothing additions and subtractions

Many times, in addition to vertical segmentation of zippers, we can make zippers into dimension stakes. For example, you can split the circumference on your sleeve so that your garment can be changed into long,, middle, or short sleeves. There is also the direct use of a long zipbelt into a can carry a stylish bag, the entire bag with a whole zipper connection, design unique, stylish. This design, known as the “Magic Zipper Bag”, cleverly utilizes the characteristics of zipper sealing and flexibility to achieve volume shaping and can also be cleverly hidden.

Take advantage of the flexibility of zippers to achieve functional design of hidden volumes. For example, in the design of clothing to the hood design hidden in the head structure, open the back of the collar zipper presents a foldable hat, the volume of clothing is extended. In addition, with the use of zipper design “active” clothes, clothing can be long or short.