A good zipper doesn’t make your clothes comfortable, but it can improve how you feel when you’re wearing them.

Zzzz… One breath, can enhance the whole dressing process feel very relaxed, without a hint of obstruction, inadvertently can let you feel good about clothes to improve a lot. One of the most important experience is on the small size, the jeans zipper stuck in the middle can not pull down, generally are miscellaneous zipper will appear,

If you can’t tell the difference between a clothing fabric good or bad (mainly some non-well-known brands, because there are brands of general materials are also more exquisite, will not use some poor fabrics to smash their own brand), or encounter some brands that do not know, not cheap, do not know whether it is worth its price, generally can be judged by looking at zipper brand methods, Is the zipper with not bad clothes, fabric generally will not be bad, if you come across some of the better zippers, but the brand does not know, think the price is very valuable, congratulations on this is certainly a value of clothing.

Also look at the zipper is also the easiest way to distinguish between true and false, generally have brands of clothing manufacturers will customize some well-known brands of zippers, if you buy clothes, zippers on no logo, or relatively poor zipper brand, then it is possible that you are buying fake goods, but there are many fake YKK zippers appear, YKK should be the most well-known zipper brand, so fake is also a lot, but fake is far from the smoothness of the real goods, so pull, not very smooth words are more likely to fake.

Let’s start with the internationally renowned zipper brand.

Luxury goods manufacturers’ favorites

Swiss ri zipper

Many luxury brands of special zippers including Prada, butterfly home, Mayberry and many other brands are used by this brand, it is said that slightly longer zippers are hundreds of dollars a piece, and then custom-made some leather bags are gilded zipper prices can be imagined.

The first choice for many big names

Italian lampo zipper

No less than the luxury brand’s king of down jackets MONCLER, big-name marc jacobs, D-G, Adidas clover and some other luxury brands often use lampo zippers, indicating that its quality is also unquestionable, the product line is mainly concentrated in the middle and high end.

Loyal partners of big names

U.S. ideal zipper

Amani jeans, ck jeans, tommy hilfiger, a-f, Ralph Lauren and other brands of pants above you will taste it, recently bought a Hong Kong tide brand 5CM pants is the use of this brand of zippers, see these brands also know that they are probably some mid-range, Or high-end clothing brands with more.

The oldest brand


Say the inventor of the world’s first zipper in the history of the brand, the ancestor of the zipper, the first zipper in 1893 was from Tyrone.

Levis, target, A-F, vans and so on, the low-end clothing brand, often have his figure, it seems that there are some high-end customization, as if the lv part of the leather bag has his family, but it seems to be less.

The world’s number one brand

Japan YKK zipper

This brand want shopping more or less should have seen, I believe that bought clothes should also have this brand zipper, but also the most imitation of a brand, large and small online shop to sell clothes, will also be this brand zipper as the main, because this brand is the symbol of quality, quality representative.

Product line is extremely rich, basically covers the high school low-end, outdoor, fashion, functional special zipper, the use of brand machines, whether it is luxury-grade brands or Uniqlo-level civilian brands are used, sales are also extremely bovine X, year-round world’s first sales, really can be called the king of zippers.

Because of the huge sales volume, high visibility, so YKK’s fake zipper is also flooded, but the fake can not be the smoothness of the real goods, YKK LOGO is not so fine.

World’s second-largest brand

Korean YBS zipper

To tell the truth this brand zipper I see also not much, forget what clothes have seen just feel seen, should be some Korean clothing brands and some American clothing brands with more, looked at the official website is said to be a lot of cooperation with YKK, jointly develop products or anything, is the world’s second largest zipper manufacturer after YKK, So the quality should also be very good.

Fast-out clothing brand good partner

U.S. opti zipper

Initially this brand I saw above the American Eagle, and then Hollister (AF vice brand) clothes have also seen, are some cheap fast-cutting brand with more, but the quality is not bad, should be a relatively high price-performance brand.